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How far has a new car traveled before it reaches its customer?

July 18, 2016

The new car joy We all have our tremendous joy when our brand new car arrives on our driveway. Like many others, we usually run the delivery checklist, and……check the odometer. Why are we doing this? Because it is natural for a person to check how new is a new stuff.   Let’s check the numbers […]

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Family Friendly Power Windows – Keep Power Windows On with Ignition Off – yet still secure (with video)

July 11, 2016

Family Friendly Power Windows The nightmare, power windows work with ignition on We all might have been in this situation. We parked our cars. Turned ignition off, got out of the car, then closed the door. Then when we were about to lock the car, we found that the window was not fully closed yet. […]

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Where does car electricity come from?

July 4, 2016

Where does electricity in a car come from ? When you approach your car and try to unlock the doors, you might insert the key into the door keyhole and turn it, or with most car these days, reach into your pocket to find the car’s key fob, and just press a button to disarm […]

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