Superior 58-0350B Black D Steering Wheel Cover Review


  • Product Name                   :   Superior 58-0350B Black D Steering Wheel Cover
  • Function                              :   Steering wheel cover (with lace)
  • Packaging                           :   Box
  • In the box                           :   Steering wheel cover with lace, manual
  • Price                                    :   USD 10.34(US)
  •  Where to get it                 :
  • Ease of installation           :   *** (simple, but requires some careful stretching and lacing)
  • Package Box Dimension  :   3.4 inch (8.6 cm) x 3 inches (7.6 cm) x 6 inches (15 cm)
  • Warranty                            :   -
  • Quick recommendation   :   Recommended Downside            :              Requires some real pull to tighten, wrap dimension not really matches specification, not so reliable manual

What's in this article

  • Why is it needed?
  • Product description and function
  • Price and where to get it
  • -What's in the package
  • Installation instruction and application
  • Result, fit and feel, 
  • Comparison with another similar product
  • Tips and tricks
  • -Recommendation

Why is it needed

A steering wheel cover may be needed for various reasons. Some drivers may want to have a different look of the wheel or improve the touch and feel of the car. Another good reason to buy this product is to preserve a leather wrapped steering wheel. We all have seen that leather steering wheel is easily chipped with usage.

This product is a laced type cover that comes with laces to fix the cover on steering wheel. It is available in 3 sizes (steering wheel circumference), and 1 truck steering-wheel size.

Among the functions the cover serves may include:

  • Makes the steering wheel thicker so it would fit hands better and give better grip.
  • The padding and material make the steering wheel feel more comfortable and luxurious.
  • Protects against excessive heat (material type and structure absorb less heat and dissipate it better).
  • Preserves the original steering material from wear and tear.

To get the feeling of luxury, the steering wheel bar should be covered completely without gaps on the circumference. But that's what this product doesn't deliver, as we will see.

Price and where to get it

This is a very cheap product. I got it from at USD 10.34. It is made in China. Delivery to Indonesia (where I made the purchase) took a week. I guessed it was shipped directly from China.

What's in the box

The product came in a very nice, well illustrated box (see picture). It contained the cover itself, with laces attached at a point, and a one-sheet manual.


Fitting and stretching:

The cover must be stretched to fit the steering wheel. The manual shows how to fit it on the steering wheel, by inserting hands between the cover and steering wheel (see picture below). It also warns to warm the cover first on cold weather before installation to maintain stretch capability (it may become a bit brittle with low temperature).

The following picture shows the cover on the steering wheel (take note of the size). The cover half-length is about 14 inches, which is about the same as the steering wheel's diameter! Stretching is definitely required to fit it. After a careful stretching was done, it could seat right.

The next step was lacing. It was fairly easy, following the pattern on the cover, but the end lacing must be done carefully. The illustration on the manual shows how to complete (end) the lacing. In reality, this could be difficult if the previous lacing wrap was already tight. To avoid the problem, the last lacing step must not be tightened before the end lacing is made. Only after the last lace snaking is made (the twice snaking), the lace should be pulled tight.


Steering wheel diameter wise, the cover fitted just fine after sufficient stretching. It is not too small and did not break. See the pictures above how it sits on the steering wheel before stretching and after stretching before lacing.

However, the steering wheel bar size was a different story. Two sets were ordered, both were the largest breadth (D-size), which the manufacturer says would fit 4 ¼" steering wheel ring circumference.
However both did not.

One of them was installed on a Toyota Avanza with only 4" ring circumference. It leaves gaps that hands can feel, as seen in the following pictures..

And even though the cover breadth is considerably larger compared to an old cover I had (see picture), it still does not fully cover the steering wheel bar.

One was installed on a 2017 Suzuki S-Cross, which had thicker leather steering wheel (about 4 ¼ inch steering wheel ring circumference). The produced gaps were even more prominent.

Can't deny it. The cover improves the look. The steering wheel looks beefier and offers an impression of a more luxurious driving experience. The cover material surface is more matted than being shiny.

Feel and touch:
Grip: The added thickness improves handgrip. It helps to improve steering wheel control, at least a little bit.
Touch: The surface is soft and has fine texture. For some drivers, this could be a bit slippery (especially when compared to old-stock cover, like the brown I replaced).
Feel: It is evident that this product aims for present-day car, where a smooth-surface leather steering wheel surface is a preference. The soft padding gives improved luxurious feeling.
However, the gaps on steering wheel bar take some of the perfection on touch and feel.

Comparison with my old cover:
The new cover is thicker and thus, better padded than the old one. It feels softer and smoother on the surface, and a bit more slippery. The older product is more shiny but less slippery.
The new one feels better on hands due to larger breadth that gives less gaps. See the picture on breadth vs the gaps produced by both products.

Tips and tricks:

Here are some tips to get the best fitment:
- Watch installation temperature. For cold areas, warming up the cover might be required.
- Stretch uniformly. Be careful not to stretch only the bottom section of the cover, which may cause that section to go over its limit and break. The included manual shows how to do this.
- When lacing, the short lace can just be hidden under the cover. The long lace could be used alone.
- The final lacing (snaking the lace under the cover, see the manual) should be made before the last two lace wraps are tightened. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible.

This steering wheel cover gives better look, improved touch and feeling, and should protect the original steering wheel from wear and tear. For some, it may bring the vintage car feeling and luxury to the modern era.
Installation instruction is not difficult to follow. Some tricks may be applied to get a good final lacing.
However, the manufacturer should improve on dimension and specification. The product does not seem to match the described specification.
I'd recommend this as the best option for steering wheel covers. It satisfies its purpose in some areas, albeit there are still some gaps that fingers can feel.
The improved feeling is quite significant, that when I removed the cover and installed my old cover that resulted in even larger gaps, I missed the new cover.

If this product seems to fit your preference, you can get it on ">Amazon by clicking here.
However, everyone's preference may differ. If you have any comment or suggestion, don't hesitate to write below.

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