Superior 58-0350B Black D Steering Wheel Cover Review

January 28, 2020

 SummaryProduct Name                   :   Superior 58-0350B Black D Steering Wheel CoverFunction                              :   Steering wheel cover (with lace)Packaging                           :   BoxIn the box                           :   Steering wheel cover with lace, manualPrice                                   […]

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Bendix Brake Pads, Are They Any Good?

December 20, 2018

Bendix General CT Brake PadsWhat this is about: Bendix General CT Brake Pads, installed on Toyota Avanza 2013, Indonesia Price: About Rp 180.000 (USD 12), as of December 2018 Ease of installation: easy. Required tools: Car jack, jack stand (optional), wheel nut wrench, clamp, suction tube. Recommended? Yes, good for low budget pads.   This article is not about how to replace […]

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Aisin Engine Oil

June 30, 2018

Aisin Engine Oil, Made in Korea! I was surprised a bit. But it is indeed a Korean Aisin Engine Oil. What is Aisin If you have a Toyota or its sister brands, or some other manufacturer’s vehicles, you must have seen the Aisin brand stamped on its components. Aisin AW is a major vehicle component […]

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Clifford Blackjax 5 Anti-Carjacking Device Review

September 25, 2017

Summary  Product Name                   :   Clifford Blackjax 5 Function                               :   Anti Carjacking Device  Car Security Device Packaging                            :   Box In the box                            :   Blackjax Module, Siren, PlainVeiw 2 Valet Switch, LED, wire set. Price                                      :   GBP 99.99 (UK), USD 72.98(US) Where to get it                  : , Ease of use                         :   **** (easy to […]

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Significant aspects (a personal preference) on choosing a family car

August 14, 2017

Significant aspect (a personal preference) on selecting a family car   Abundance of selection If a person would buy anew car, what aspects would be considered? A lot. There are lots of aspects and options to be considered when selecting a new car to buy. Some things might be a priority to a person, but […]

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Suzuki repair manual downloads from Suzuki Aftersales Portal

January 6, 2017

  Suzuki Indonesia, through PT Suzuki Indomobil Motor (SIM) /Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) has launched a website called Suzuki Aftersales Portal that provides manuals and other documents to help workshops /customers with their cars. Also available manuals are repair manual downloads. Site address is at the bottom of this article.   The site provides a […]

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5 tips on how to submit a complaint on a new car

December 29, 2016

Sure it was a very delightful moment when we drove off the dealership on the spanking new car. It was meant to drive smooth, be flawless, and very reliable for transport. After all, it was new, and is under warranty for several years. But sometimes bad things happen. We might found some flaws, squeaks, even […]

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7 tips on how to secure your car against crime

December 23, 2016

Nobody wants to return to the parking place where his car was parked and found that it had been broken into, or worse, found it was not there anymore. Sure, vehicles these days are equipped with improved security  devices which were not available years ago. Alarms, immobilizers, GPS trackers, anti-carjacking devices, remote starters (and shutdown […]

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How to keep your tires longer

December 11, 2016

Tires are significant parts of a vehicle. They are the contact interface between the vehicles and the ground. Tires play roles in vehicle performance, stability, safety, appearance, most importantly, in braking.   The cost of tire replacement can be quite significant, in particular when a car owner is planning to upgrade the tires or wheels. […]

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CTEK MXS 5.0 Portable Car Battery Charger Review, Part 2: Setup, Charging, and Result

December 8, 2016

Product Name : CTEK MXS 5.0 with temperature compensation Function : 12V Vehicle Battery Charger /Conditioner Price : GBP 58 Where to get it : (where I got it) Ease of use : ***** (very easy) Warranty : 5 years (vary by location) What’s in the Box : Charger, alligator clips, eyelet connector, manual, storage […]

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CTEK MXS 5.0 Portable Car Battery Charger Review, Part 1: Specification and Description

December 8, 2016

Summary Product Name : CTEK MXS 5.0 with temperature compensation Function : 12V Vehicle Battery Charger /Conditioner Price : GBP 58 Where to get it : (where I got it) Ease of use : ***** (very easy) Warranty : 5 years (return to manufacturer) What’s in the Box : Charger, alligator clips, eyelet connector, manual, […]

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How to check a car battery with only one tool, a hydrometer

November 20, 2016

We already have an article on how to check a car battery using a single tool, a voltmeter. There is alto another way to check a car battery condition with only one tool, a hydrometer. What is a hydrometer   A hydrometer is simple device that tells the specific weight (density) of fluid. It can […]

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How to check a if a car battery needs replacement soon

October 26, 2016

A car engine needs an initial help to turn at its crankshaft to initiate revolution before combustion occurs and the engine can run on itself. On many vehicles, this is done by an electric motor, called a starter, which turns a gear at the flywheel.   It is an electric motor that starts the car During a […]

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7 tips on how to save money on fuel – few tips for car owners

August 11, 2016

Fuel cost is the most dominant issue in owning a car. The value is not actually as much as the car price, but with the constant spending on fuel cost, it is always of consideration when owning a car. And with the fuel price fluctuating, sometimes increasing quite high, it can be quite irritating. This […]

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10 ways to get the most of a new car transaction, some tips for a car buyer

August 6, 2016

  It’s always delightful when it’s time to look for a new car. Before you sign the purchase order, consider reading these few considerations as they might be useful. The following quick tips may be useful for a car buyer to get most out of a new car transaction. Here we go.   1. Set […]

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Starter solenoid or battery – which one causes the starting problem

August 3, 2016

This is an old tip for a difficult-to-start vehicle which still applies today. Problem: the car has difficulty to start. The starter cranks but it never gets to turn the engine fast or long enough to start. Repeated attempts give the same thing. The starter cranks, but fails to get engine running. The battery is […]

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