About Me

Hello everyone. It’s me, Hendra. Welcome to my site, familycarsmart.com.
Like every family, we love cars. We need the vehicle to carry our loved ones everywhere, in safety in comfort.


Over the years, I got acquainted with what a family (and I, personally) need in a car to carry the family around. No car is perfect. Some have features we don’t actually need, while some amenities we wish the car provides are just not available. And sometimes (a lot of times, actually), the really needed convenience and features are easy to create, and are relatively cheap. But the car manufacturers just don’t make them.


Many of us must have created our own features for our cars to ease our life around cars. On this site, we can share the bits of knowledge, tips, and tricks that I know which may ease our life a little more, and give some convenience and comfort to our loved ones.


Thank you for visiting, and just keep in touch.